I’m Erika, and I live in Seattle. I spend a lot of my time looking for the best places to eat in this fine city of mine. I love food of all varieties, but when I look at restaurant reviews and blogs about where to go and what to eat, I often feel like my palate is completely disregarded.

I love pizza. I love chicken wings, nachos, macaroni and cheese. I love burgers so damn much I have a tattoo of one. I want to know where the best bar food is, I want to know what to eat when I’m drunk as hell. I want to be able to buy my date dinner for less than $50.

Nothing makes me happier than a small bill at the end of a meal. Cheap is my favorite type of cuisine. I do have some expensive tastes, but I think you can cook a really good steak at home. With restaurants, my goal is to pay a little money to eat something I can’t make myself.

I want consistency. I want a good restaurant to be good all the time. Is this an incredibly¬† high expectation? Yes. But Seattle’s a big city with exceptional food, and even with my voracious appetite, I haven’t tried everything. The stakes are high. If I’m giving one restaurant money for a crappy meal, it means I didn’t get to give another restaurant money for a great meal.

Feeling at ease is important to me. I don’t want to feel like I have to have good posture the entire time I’m in a restaurant. Worrying about whether I can get the napkin dirty ruins the meal for me. I believe the height of customer service is meeting the customer wherever they are, and I love waitstaff that feels the same way.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to embark on this food journey. We have lots of stops to make, and I promise, every last one will be great. I am always, always looking for new places to try, new dishes to eat, and new cuisines to fall in love with. Hit me up on Instagram or Twitter @callingallfats.

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