Aladdin Gyro-cery

tl;dr: This gyro is the dopest gyro in Seattle. Hands down, no contest. I love it.

As a general rule, I don’t really dig when restaurants riff on classics. If I’m asking for a caesar salad, I don’t want tomatoes on it. When I order eggs benny, I’m expecting a lemony hollandaise (I’m looking at you, Lola, with your stupid dill flavored mess). When a cheeseburger is set down in front of me, I’m a cheddar or American cheese girl. I’m of the opinion that classics are classics because they’re as good as they can possibly be. They no longer need tinkering, just topnotch execution.

Aladdin Gyro-cery’s lamb and beef gyro is the asterisk on that rule. They’ve found the one tweak that elevates the classic gyro to a level that is unfathomable before you experience it. Aladdin’s gyro is the standard by which I judge all other gyros, and not a single other has come close.

In most gyros, the meat is sliced thinly, but Aladdin cuts theirs off the spit in thick slabs. These slabs allow for an adjective that doesn’t normally describe gyro meat: juicy. And because that isn’t enough to solidify their status as gyro king, they then take the meat and fry it with onions in some sort of mystical curry-flavored grease. Whatever mix of oil and spices they use is seriously magical. It seeps into the pita, blends with the tahini, dresses the lettuce, and gives every bite this spectacular completeness that is the true indicator of a classic dish.

Aladdin also just covers the essentials so well. Their lettuce and tomatoes are cold, their pitas are expertly grilled, tahini is an inspired sauce choice to mix with the gyro grease, and they sprinkle a bit of sumac on top of the whole thing. And for what it’s worth, they’re one of the only restaurants that has never forgotten to leave the raw onions off of my order. Even if they hadn’t tapped into a well of beautiful gyro grease, they would still be putting out one of the best gyros in Seattle because of their attention to detail, which is exactly the type of place I love to give my money to.

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